We are told that Sarah Palin always asks her children for their blessing in the face of new challenges. And we are also told by People magazine that Sarah Palin had an amniocentesis in order to prepare herself for the challenges of a Down Syndrome child:

PEOPLE: Gov. Palin, when you were 13 weeks pregnant, last December, you had an amniocentesis that determined Trig had Down syndrome.

SARAH: I was grateful to have all those months to prepare. I can't imagine the moms that are surprised at the end. I think they have it a lot harder.


But we are also told by the New York Times:

Inside Ms. Palin’s room, her daughter Willow, 14, immediately noticed her new brother’s condition, according to People magazine. “He looks like he has Down syndrome,” Willow said. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

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