Palin's Month

I understand Megan's and Ross's points about the wisdom of ignoring Palin, but I'm also inclined to agree with Marc:

Sarah Palin is, quite simply, the celebrity of September. Interest in her will be enormous. Just as Democrats painted on Barack Obama's blank canvass in January and February of 2007, Republicans and independents will get the chance to fill in their view of Gov. Palin. She's the new thing. The object of curiosity. The press and the larger media will obsess over her and her family and her life.

Every word she says will be subject to parsing and semiotic analysis. The late night comics will be ferocious. (Craig Ferguson called her a "sexy young nothing" last night.)  There will be front-page stories on her accent. She'll be the top story everywhere she travels; every new market she sets foot in will be hers to own for the day. She'll draw enormous crowds...much larger crowds that John McCain. The demand for new facts and information about her will be insatiable.