Palin vs. Feminism

A reader writes:

I am appalled by the McCain-Palin campaign for what they have allowed to happen to the second woman in history on a national party ticket. The indignities to women everywhere continue to mount. The campaign, rather than speaking out against them as one would hope and expect, is remaining silent or even promoting them!

Media outlets have taken disgusting liberties in discussing Palin in ways that male politicians never experience. The Los Angeles Times style section ran an article and photos that highlighted Palin’s great legs. Maxim just named her the 2nd hottest politician. Foreign dignitaries called her gorgeous, and asked for hugs in addition to handshakes while she stood like a smiling Barbie doll at the UN.

Now, mommy and daddy have rushed to her rescue to say that Sarah really is a good girl who can accomplish anything to which she sets her mind.  I remember having conversations like this with my parentswhen I was 15!

Are they going to kiss her boo boo and make it better if Thursday night does not go her way?

Palin is the Barbie doll attached to the front of a truck. The sexism behind her pick and the sexism behind the campaign's use of her is mind-boggling. But she said yes. It's her sexism too.