Palin In Wartime

Megan admits Palin is a disaster and answers my question:

Andrew wants to know why I'm more freaked out by the bailout package than by Sarah Palin.  There are several answers to this.  The first is that with the McCain campaign flaming out so spectacularly, I don't find her that worrisome.  The second is that even if she gets into office, there's a better than even chance she won't end up as president.  And the third is that while the last thing I said about her was hardly complimentary, I haven't had as much time as I might have liked to devote to Sarah Palin.  Andrew may not have heard, but there have been a few interesting developments in the financial markets over the last few weeks.  As an economics blogger, I was regretfully forced to forgo full time devotion to the vice presidential race and turn to more trivial matters.