This Howie Kurtz piece is amazing in many ways but there is one staggering piece of real news buried in it:

"Governor Palin has no history of health problems," [McCain campaign spokesman Michael] Goldfarb says. "We believe that a candidate should be able to preserve some privacy in this process, and we're confident the American people will validate that judgment come election day."

So the only objective evidence we will be allowed to have about Palin's medical history, including the bizarre story of her fifth pregnancy, is Michael Goldfarb's assurance that she has "no history of health problems" and that "privacy" trumps even basic transparency and accountability in a national campaign. For the record, I agree with Sarah Palin who recently said,

"When you run for office, your life is an open book."

I have repeatedly demanded Joe Biden's medical records be released here, here, here, here and here. I have only asked for Palin's medical records twice here and here. This is not about partisanship. This is about transparency and accountability.

I reiterate my demand for Sarah Palin's to be released as well immediately. If transparency and accountability do not apply to a candidate for vice-president, then the whole concept of open government and the free press is being held in contempt.

Give us the medical records for both veep candidates. Now. We have a right to know the truth before Americans vote. That's all. And that's everything.

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