Frank Gaffney, Jr. goes there:

As [Alaska's] governor, Sarah Palin would know more by osmosis – if nothing else – about the necessity for U.S. anti-missile systems than either Messrs. Obama or Biden.

In fact, the Democrats have reflexively opposed such defenses and promise to starve them of funds if elected.  Opinion polls suggest that the support missile defense enjoys among Gov. Palin's Alaskans is shared by strong majorities of their countrymen elsewhere. Her judgment versus Sen. Biden's on the question of whether America should be protected against present and growing missile-delivered threats will be one of the highlights of the vice presidential nominees' debate.

Hilzoy is speechless. Meanwhile, Pat Buchanan is arguing that because her state is bigger (in square miles) than California and Texas combined, she is better qualified.

(Hat tip: Yglesias)

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