A fascinating column, because it reveals just how little Charles grasps yet of Obama's abilities as a leader and a politician. Charles seems to believe that Obama is all celebrity and hype - even though he concedes that that celebrity and hype has lasted an awful long time:

Obama maintained altitude for an astonishing four years.

It's only astonishing if you cannot recognize Obama's skills, judgment and integrity. And does Charles really believe that Obama survived four years and a brutalizing campaign against him by the second most cynical machine in politics, the Clintons, purely because of hype and nothing? What contempt Charles must have for those millions who actually see that Obama has a first rate mind, a first rate temperament! But now check the purely partisan cynicism of his point:

     [Palin's] job is easier. She only has to remain airborne for seven more weeks.

So having mocked what he believes is celebrity in a Democrat, he is depending on it to bamboozle the American people in a Republican. Does he realize how cynical that makes him sound? If mere celebrity is pathetic as a criterion in a world leader, why is Krauthammer not dissing Palin? I mean: we know nothing about her, compared to Obama. He has had four years to be vetted. She was vetted in five minutes.

Now we know how Krauthammer really thinks: what matters is not that what he has just described as an empty dress shouldn't be president. What matters is that Republicans maintain power.

And Krauthammer thinks Obama jumped the shark? This absurd farce of a candidacy is exposing a lot of people, isn't it?

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