McCain drops his press availability. It's been a month since his last press conference and there is no word on whether Palin will ever hold one, until she can bamboozle the press past the election. This really is more like Putin's Potemkin democracy than the tradition of American to-and-fro and open debate. Watching the man who once prided himself on talking to the press and giving straight talk turn into a Bush-Rove controlled propaganda merchant is yet another sign of the creepiness of the current GOP.

Some as-yet-undisclosed details on McCain's mysterious declaration of numerous interviews with numerous interviews with Palin next week.

I think we should simply demand a press conference. She's the governor of a state and cannot hold a press conference? What kind of sexism implies that a woman cannot handle the national press corps? But, then, they've treated her as they would never, ever treated a male candidate. The GOP's condescending, protective sexism toward Palin is quite striking at this point.

(Hat tip: Ben Smith)

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