... that you just have to read Hugh Hewitt:

The outpouring of supportive, favorable and emotional e-mails continues and I will again limit today's callers to women who are moved by Governor Palin's nomination.  This is an unprecedented reaction, and MSM's ideological blinkers are blinding them to the powerful effect of Governor Palin's life story and her appearance Friday, an effect that has been increased by the weekend smearing by Obamians with blogs and their Beltway-Manhattan media elite allies.

The MSM has blinkers but he is "limiting today's callers to women who are moved by Governor Palin's nomination." He has a series of posts on the "Palin breakout". I don't doubt that she is becoming a phenom among the Christianists. If Sarah Palin did not exist, Stephen Colbert would have to invent her.  Tonight is going to be amazing theater. She will rock the house, and there will be a tsunami of Republicans claiming she stole the night and rescued the convention. And then she will become the entire story, eclipsing McCain, as she already has. And then ... the first actual press conference.

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