Joe Klein notes a turning point:

On Wednesday, October 1, the U.S. relinquishes responsibility for the Sunni Awakening Councils--the former insurgents we pay ($300 per month) to not insurge--and the Maliki government takes over. Will Maliki continue to pay them? Will he incorporate them into the Iraqi Security Forces? Will he find other work for them?...Or will he stiff them? This is a big moment--if Maliki behaves well, this could go a long way toward reconciliation. If he behaves badly, things could get very messy very quickly.

The latest burst of violence in Baghdad reflects the tension:

Mr. Hanoush echoed concerns voiced by many Iraqis in recent weeks about the fragility of the security situation in Baghdad. “The situation is turning to the worse again, I do not know why,” he said.

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