He looks chubbier! And less gaunt. It was his usual schtick and I have to say I find it very enjoyable. I can't dislike the man. He seems genuine to me, and he was the first Republican to have a modicum of grace toward Obama's achievements. As an objective matter, the way in which almost all the Republicans have expressed contempt for their opponent does not strike me as very effective. It makes them look small and ungenerous. Better surely to take the tack that he is a gifted young man, not yet ready for the White House. And that might have had real traction ... until the Palin pick, when it turned into comic self-contradiction.

Insofar as we have heard any actual policy detail at this convention - and we have heard almost none - Huckabee seemed to present the Obama critique of the past eight years. But, again, trying to find any actual coherence in all this is surely a mug's game at this point. I mean, this GOP is apparently in favor of small government, despite growing government at a faster pace than any period since the 1930s. When you point out this contradiction to them, they just open and shut their eyes and repeat the talking points.

Oh, and pop cultural references to Madonna stopped having any meaning for anyone under 50 about ten years ago. Just to let you know.