Sane evangelical David Kuo notices a fascinating aspect of the latest installment of the Palin farce released last night. It was her sudden abandonment of her faith for political expediency. Her speech at Wasilla was theologically orthodox when it talks of God's will. As David puts it:

There isn’t anything terribly controversial in what Gov. Palin is saying. This is orthodox Christian theology - the idea that God controls the outcome of all things. It is true in lives and it is true in politics. It is only because we live in a time of massive theological ignorance that clips like these raise an eyebrow. It is the kind of thing that evangelical Christians say to each other.

And now her response to this:

David notes:

When asked what she meant about saying our leaders were sending our troops to Iraq on a task “that is from God,” Gov. Palin replied that she was thinking about Lincoln at the time.

The idea that she was thinking about Abraham Lincoln at the time she was giving those remarks is laughable. It is the kind of spin that comes from secular political consultants desperately trying to make Gov. Palin sound “not too religious.”

Gov. Palin was giving a speech to a theologically conservative evangelical church filled with Christians who understood exactly what she was talking about - she was saying she believed God had ordained the United States to invade Iraq.


In the interview she goes on to say, “I would never presume to know God’s will….”


Really? Truly? Does that mean that Gov. Palin is open to the idea that God’s will is for the United States to become a Muslim nation? One under Sharia law? Does Gov. Palin believe it might be God’s will for the United States to pass laws outlawing the freedom of speech? Is her faith and theology so insipid, so tepid that she has no idea what God’s will is? Or is it that she is simply trying to take the edge off her faith because her new political advisers say it is “too much.” I’m guessing it is the latter.

She has already sold out her faith for political expediency and did it "without blinking". Her trainers obviously suggested this Lincoln hooey - which I bet you she hadn't even heard of till the last week of cramming.  What this suggests to me is that her faith has been a political tool in her career. She will use it when it helps - as in getting to be Mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska - and drop it when its in her way. There is something truly, deeply Rovian about Sarah Palin.


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