The epochal vote on marriage equality in California is the biggest test yet for the gay civil rights movement. But many big bucks Hollywood donors have yet to put their money where their mouths so often are. Brad Pitt has done his bit, but many actually gay figures seem AWOL:

Missing (as of Sept. 10) from the [donor] rolls were: Rosie O’Donnell, whose Feb. 27, 2004, marriage to Kelli Carpenter was nullified; Sir Elton John, who tied the civil partnership knot with partner David Furnish in England; rock star Melissa Etheridge, whose domestic partnership/wedding to actress Tammy Lynn Michaels Sept. 22, 2003, was celebrated in In Style magazine.

Other producers and directors not on the list include Paul Colichman (here!TV) Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters), Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives), Bryan Singer (Superman Returns), Joel Schumacher (Batman & Robin), and Gus Van Sant, though Bruce Cohen, who produced Milk, directed by Van Sant, was recently married and did contribute. Max Muchnick (Will & Grace) also contributed, as did David Geffen, partner in DreamWorks, who gave $50,000, and Bryan Lourd, managing partner of Creative Artists Agency who contributed $5,000.

I have no independent confirmation of these numbers so treat them with caution. But the general point is surely well taken. C'mon! The Christianist right is currently out-fund-raising the gay civil rights movement in California!

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