Jim Henley thinks I am misinterpreting Palin's remarks about Iraq and God's will:

This does not strike me as at all a confident declaration that the Iraq war is a task from God, but rather expresses a hope that it might be. It’s, dare I say it, humble, anxious and becomingly sincere - a genuine mother’s genuine hope and worry. The phrasing clearly admits the possibility that the war might not have God’s favor. I expect that Palin’s entry into Republican presidential politics marks the end of that brand of humility and genuineness touching matters of war and peace, but at least once it was there.

I fear Henley doesn't understand the totalism of the Christianist mindset. If your pastor is Larry Kroon, everything is under God's authority; no decision is made independently of God's instruction; and obedience to God's every word in every single detail is compulsory. But make your own mind up:

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