I have to say I find David Frum's lonely intellectual honesty on the right at the moment to be very refreshing. He airs a very sensible email from a reader here. Money quote:

McCain's campaign is chock-full of phony contradictions; how is he supposed to bring "safe change" since this year he has essentially promised to reverse all theĀ  anti-Bush policies that made him a "maverick" in the first place? He has just squandered the single best reason for voting for him by choosing an almost totally inexperienced "celebrity" as his running mate.

Foreign policy excepted, can you tell me what McCain's governing philosophy is? He has changed positions on numerous occasions times during the past ten years, going from being one of the most centrist GOP senators to one of the most conservative ones. Or is it all merely a Romney-esque cynical ploy to fool conservatives to vote for him, since he will anyway have to work with Reid/Pelosi to get anything done...

Who is more trustworthy: the young unapologetic liberal who promises real change or the old guy who is running against reality?

It's actually quite rare to see a politician reveal themselves as solely, solely about the pursuit of power as McCain has this past month. Bill Clinton was more honorable and honest.

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