Another revealing exchange:

GIBSON: Why do you both keep saying that Obama is going to raise people's taxes? It's been pretty clear what he intends. He's talked about middle-class tax cuts, extending Bush tax cuts on everything but people who own or earn more than $250,000 a year -- cuts taxes on over 91 percent of the country. Why do you keep saying he's going to raise people's taxes?

PALIN: Well, I would argue with the whole premise of that, that his mission is to not increase taxes. He's had 94 opportunities to either vote for a tax cut or not support tax increases. And 94 times, he's been on the other side of what I believe the majority of Americans want.

Not a lie, for which one should at this point be grateful, but a total avoidance of the question. And the question refers to her and McCain's lies that Obama is promising to raise taxes on the middle class. He isn't. No one can look at his proposals and say he is. So when asked to retract a lie, Palin refused and offered a talking point. She really is McCain's soul-mate, isn't she?

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