Email Of The Day

A reader writes:

Long time reader. Years now, back before Time and Atlantic. First time commenter.

I've followed your Sarah Palin discussion with interest here recently, including your Real Time appearance. You're right. She's an absolute joke, but a dangerous joke at that. Everything with her and even now McCain is secrecy and deception. It's really tragic because I once believed John McCain could nearly do no wrong. Back in 2000, I remember how badly I wanted McCain to defeat Bush in the Primary. No more.

McCain, largely because of the Palin pick and the aftermath, has lost my respect. He hasn't had my support since Obama announced, but I'm sorry to have to say that I can no longer respect him. I never thought I'd be able to say that about him of all politicians. I'm actually sad about that. As a mid-20s conservative independent, I feel I must support Obama because I want a return to adult, rational governance.

I have a business degree and own my own small business. The Republican Party needs people like me for its future survival, yet we are the exact people pushed away by these petty games. I'm not a Christianist, so I'm not welcome in their Tent anymore. Bottom line.

As for the attacks against you from some on the Right, I think it's obvious. The Emperor (or Empress in Palin's case) has no clothes, and most of your critics are either blinded by sheer partisanship or know you're right but do not have the intellectual honesty to admit it. Either way, they want to attack you to shut you up. Kudos to you for standing strong and not giving into them.

Don't let the bastards get you down. They're on their last legs. I truly believe that.

Me too. All of them. And I'm fine. I'm just doing my job and want to know the truth. My problem is that I got too close to it.