Mickey thinks highlighting McCain's lies is a losing strategy. Mickey is therefore now to the right of some honest journalists at Fox News:

Since I'm not running a campaign but trying to run a blog, I guess he's not talking to me. But, still, I don't follow the logic at all. It seems to me that the lies that McCain has told are not in the ambiguous category. They are obvious provable factual lies. Tucker Bounds is reduced to simply saying: we don't believe Obama. So we are simply asserting that he will raise taxes on the middle class. Mickey seems to believe that that's fine, and you mustn't point out these disgusting distortions, for fear of alienating an already post-rational, whatever-we-say-is-true, all-facts-are-lies-all-GOP-ads-are-truths Republican base.

Give me a break. One candidate is telling whoppers. And the other candidate is supposed to ignore them?

Mickey, I fear, is a captive of the 1980s - like the Clintons: so conditioned into "learned helplessness" against Full Metal Rove that he is now an enabler of the Republican lie machine. Not all of us are that cynical. Not all of us have given up that much.

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