A reader writes:

As an independent, regular reader of your blog I have been so disappointed in the double standard I have seen you apply over and over again to the McCain and Obama campaigns. It's pointless to be more specific when my point is your lauding of this article. What Roger Simon fails to address in his sarcastic and snide (the very criticisms of Palin's speech I have been hearing ad nauseam this morning) diatribe is not that anyone should apologize for the reporting and/or vetting of this candidate; it is the breathtaking hypocrisy of the majority of the media that deserves a massive apology.

This week I have seen feminists question whether Sarah should be working, what with her five children and special needs son; I have seen them savage her decision about HER BODY to get on a plane when she was perhaps in early labor. I have seen the majority of the media mock and cast doubt on her experience, her character, her intelligence etc. to the degree that they have NEVER done to Obama, in truth lesser qualified on paper than Gov. Palin. Notice I said on paper because I don't necessarily believe that "experience" as defined in this presidential campaign is the most important factor in choosing the president whether it's Obama, McCain or Palin.

I could go on and on or cite lots of examples but don't have time; got to pick the kids up from school. That the media doesn't understand how this plays to the general public just shows how insulated and out of touch they are. I have followed campaign after campaign because I am a junkie, and I have never seen this type of venomous treatment of a candidate before. I am not even sure that I won't vote for Obama, but the treatment of Gov Palin makes me sick to my stomach. The media and the bloggers, yourself included, had better prepare for a backlash. If someone like me, 37 years old, mother of three, fiscal conservative but social liberal feels this way, I can guarantee I'm not the only one. I have been so disappointed in this blog; usually so fair and even handed. I am saddened that whatever disillusion you have with the current administration seems to have led you to join the ranks of the rest of the rabid, hypocritical, and out of control media.

What the reader doesn't get, I think, is that all the revelations about Obama took place over a very long period of time - months and months. Because Palin is a total unknown and because her past is so colorful, to say the least, and because there are only two months before the election, the media has jumped all over it. That's our job. They have compressed in five or six days what was raised about Obama over twelve months. Of course it seems tougher right now. But I don't believe it is. If Obama's family were as colorful as Palin's, you can bet the press would have been all over it. If Obama's sister had nine kids from two fathers neither of whom she is currently living with, do you really think the press would not have written about it?

This is an illusion created by a very compressed schedule and a totally unvetted candidate who is utterly unready to be president of the United States. And it's being sustained by the Republican machine because at this point, targeting the media is all they've got.

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