Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

"incredible, totally incredible."
Can you screech any louder? Use caps or bold or something, for heaven's sake. (You might want to consider how you are squandering your outrage quotient. It is not limitless. You may be all out if anything truly outrageous does come along. So far nothing has and yet you go on and on.)
First of all, there is NO Constitutional requirement for any politician anywhere EVER to "be available to the press." What a phrase! What a sense of arrogant entitlement. As I indicated to you earlier, presidential candidates for half our history never even said a word to ANYONE during the campaign, let along their vice presidents, let alone to the press, which was not so taken with itself then since it was all openly partisan and played the game honestly.

Moreover, given your own utterly disgraceful descent into character assassination with the utterly inane Palin baby switch story, for which as yet no apologies, and your nutty attack on Palin for actually believing the Bible every Christian by definition is supposed to believe, and your contempt for Palin, including your studied indifference to the enemies she has made fighting corruption in Alaska (and their likely desire for revenge a la certain trivial investigations you think matter), you have a nerve thinking she owes you anything.

The public is getting to know her and will without your aid thank you.

Well, that was fabulous. Look: I'm gifted at outrage but this current Republican crew is more gifted at provoking it. I've aired many defenses of Palin on this blog and made a point of reminding readers that many sources in Alaska have longstanding enmity for her. But I think her record is very underwhelming when you look at it, and the record is now clear that she has lied - even being forced to admit it - in public office. I also think it is simply insane that a person who could be president next January and is a total unknown to the world should somehow require being shielded from a press conference. I mean a capable candidate would be begging for an hour alone on Meet The Press, not running to ground in Alaska and taking no questions for three weeks in September before an election.

If McCain picked her, he must believe she can be president now. If she can be president now, why the hell can't she hold a press conference?

I'm not going nuts. They are.