The McCain campaign has inserted itself into the Alaska legislature's Troopergate investigation in order to stymie transparency before the election. Bit by bit, they are aggressively trying to shut down all means of inquiring into the reality and record of their mystery candidate. From the Juneau Empire:

The presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin has taken effective charge of the Alaska state government's response to the legislative investigation into abuse of power allegations against Palin. An investigation that began on a bipartisan basis with several pledges from Palin to participate, is now being manipulated to protect Palin by campaign attorneys who appear to be directing the Palin administration's response, top legislators say.

The law is always politicized by these kinds of Republicans, as you can see from the Gonzales Justice Department. And their lip-service to federalism is always preferred to any actual deference to local or state bodies to do what they deem best - if Republican national power is at stake.

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