Mickey Kaus:

What we're witnessing, I think, is the death of a media paradigm that we lived with comfortably for, oh, the last year or two. And John Edwards is to blame!... The avalanche of questions to which [Steve] Schmidt is being subjected--and his discomfort--suggests that the MSM is in the process of shifting to a new role, in which it aggressively investigates and discusses rumors rather than waiting for the industrious blogosphere to force its hand.

Industrious? Moi?

The difference between the Edwards story and the Palin story is that when the Edwards story gained traction, Edwards was already out of the race.

All the talk about Palin has risen to the surface because of the terrifying thought that she could technically be president next January and we only have two months to find out who on earth she is. And Edwards was a national figure and former vice-presidential candidate. Palin has been several time zones away in the Alaskan wilderness. But the combo of the Enquirer's Edwards cred and the astonishing rumors - new and old - that are percolating about Palin makes one realize that the GOP establishment has just decided to double-down on a massive gamble. God help them. And the Palins.

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