After last night's national debut, here's another speech by Palin in the Assemblies Of God church she grew up in. (Have we ever had a president from the Assemblies of God before?) She comes across as a charismatic, Pentecostalist charmer in favor of the Iraq war as part of God's plan. Track has a Jesus tattoo on his calf, by the way. My favorite quote: "Y'all are a bunch of cool-looking Christians." Her pastor speaks after her of the "last days" when the lower 48 states may have to seek refuge in Alaska. This governor is on a path, by her own testimony, that is being guided by God. When you see this clip, you can see evangelical Christianism coming ever closer to the White House. The more I learn about her, the more you realize that she is indeed the future of the Republican party - evangelical Christianity is now the core philosophy of the GOP:

The second half of the sermon is after the jump:

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