That Bridge To Nowhere

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Palin was for the bridge until she was against it, and kept the money anyway:

In September, 2006, Palin showed up in Ketchikan on her gubernatorial campaign and said the bridge was essential for the town's prosperity.

She said she could feel the town's pain at being derided as a "nowhere" by prominent politicians, noting that her home town, Wasilla, had recently been insulted by the state Senate president, Ben Stevens.

"OK, you've got Valley trash standing here in the middle of nowhere," Palin said, according to an account in the Ketchikan Daily News. "I think we're going to make a good team as we progress that bridge project."

She then pulled the plug on it, and the time-stamp on the press release was for New York, not Alaska. She also supported funding for the road that leads to the bridge, even though there wasn't much point to it without the bridge. Read the whole piece. I very much doubt that by the end of it, you will recognize the cost-cutting pork-busting pol that McCain has been touting.