Taking Back The Campaign

Thanks for the feedback. If you missed it, here's the original concept for a campaign video contest. An idea: we'll also open the contest to positive, effective ads for the candidate you support that you feel the pros aren't creative or smart or ballsy enough to run. Out-Schmidting Steve Schmidt is great; but so would be outdoing positive messages for either man. I didn't suggest this at first because I felt there were enough of these out there, but it strikes me that many are lame (especially those gauzy Obama ones) and letting the amateurs get in on the act could only be a plus. Maybe the really good ads - substantive ones, especially - could even shift the atmosphere a little. The contest as is is a little too cynical.

And we'll run the contest for a while and post the best - positive and negative - as we go along. These things are labor intensive. But maybe it's time for a well-trafficked blog to help send a raft of new ads into the viral ether. I should add that ads for Bob Barr and Ralph Nader are fine as well. I'm sure a few of you could do a nice little take-down of Ralph in 30 seconds.