Saakashvili Sees A "Turning Point"

As US troops are on their way, the Georgian leader appears satisfied:

“We were unhappy with the initial actions of the American officials, because they were perceived by the Russians as green lines, basically, but this one was very strong,” he said in a telephone interview after Mr. Bush’s statement in Washington.

Mr. Saakashvili interpreted the aid operation as a decision to defend Georgia’s ports and airports, though Bush administration and Pentagon officials quickly made it clear that would not be the case. A senior administration official said, “We won’t be protecting the airport or seaport, but we’ll certainly protect our assets if we need to.”

Reckless on Saakashvili's part? Or is he trying to enmesh the US in his country's fight with Russia? Sending troops under any humanitarian auspices is a risky strategy, if you ask me. It could easily escalate; and Saakashvili has shown he'd be only too happy to precipitate a wider war. I hope Bush has fully understood the risks he is taking. I mean: he'd never precipitate a war without thinking through the full consequences, would he?