Russia And The EU

It's one of the least noticed of the effects of Russia's new aggression, but it may be one of the most important. The project for a unified European Union was riven by the Iraq war and is now divided by Putin's policework in his near-abroad. Art Goldhammer sees it:

Forget the Irish "no." Forget the Constitutional Treaty and its mini-treaty reincarnation. The real threat to Europe has become glaringly apparent with the awakening of the hibernating Russian bear. The visceral reaction of the former East Bloc countries is--comprehensibly enough--different from the reaction in Western Europe… The Georgia crisis will abate, but the Russia problem will remain. Europe has no solution to it, and the United States seems happy to keep it unresolved, indeed to work assiduously to widen the fissures in the European Union.”

It's "Old Europe" vs "New Europe" (Plus Britain) again. Fistful of Euros coins a neologism to describe it:

Russia has Ledeenised the situation.