Quote For The Day

"I'm happy to be here to transmit a simple message: the United States is serious in our support of the offer [of cooperation] and of the Way Forward [freeze for freeze]. We are serious in the search for a diplomatic solution. Relations between our two countries have been based on a profound mistrust for thirty years. I hope my presence today is a step in the right direction, and that you will seize this opportunity," - Nicholas William Burns, at the Geneva talks on Iran, as pilfered by Le Monde. (Translated from the French translation of the original English.)

Judah Grunstein also notes that Le Monde opines:

Jalili's presentation shows that Iran feels it is in a position of strength in the Middle East, with its diverse leverage points in the region's crises (Iraq, Lebanon, the Palestinian dossier), as well as on energy issues, and  that it doesn't feel any urgent need to cede anything to facilitate a negotiated settlement of the nuclear standoff.