Putting Them In Crates, Ctd.

A reader writes:

I remember some time in the 1960's Life magazine published a series about Auschwitz. It was a pull out section, I seem to remember it being printed on manila paper. I cried when I read about standup coffins in the camp.

I have tears, again.

Another writes:

Just when I think I can't get any more upset, something new comes along. I am truly ashamed of my country. When I toured Auschwitz a few years ago, my guide, whose uncles had died there, showed us similar cells that the Nazis used to torture inmates. I never thought the United States would lower itself to Nazi methods. If the curtrent administration is not tried for war crimes, no one should be.

And yet somehow I suspect that the neocons will be silent. There is no evidence, so far as I know, that anyone has actually died in any of these interrogation coffins (although the Bush-Cheney administration has presided over scores of deaths in interrogation, as the Pentagon itself has conceded). They were merely used for torturing prisoners and now, we're told, for restraining them. The proof of direct Bush-Cheney copying of actual Gestapo interrogation techniques - techniques the US once executed the perpetrators for - can be read here. Sometimes readers think I'm engaged in hyperbole. I wish I were.