On Obama's Game

A reader writes:

My husband is a basketball coach, and runs the same offense as Craig Robinson.  It's called the Princeton Offense, and it's all about constant motion on the floor, tight passing, back-door cuts, and disciplined teamwork.  That's how Obama's run his campaigns thus far, it's been about timing, discipline, and teamwork.

When I sit in the stands, I hear people criticizing my husband.

"Why all of the passing?  Why not just let X player take over?  They're taking too long to take a shot.  Don't listen to the coach, son, listen to me, I know better."  But what those fans fail to appreciate is the overall strategy of the coach and the ability of the players to execute against it.

Why are we second-guessing the coaches and the players right now? Simple.  We want this win desperately.  We're deeply, personally invested in the outcome of this election.  This is so critical to the future of this nation we can't step back and catch our breaths because the stakes are so high.  And we're putting together our own game plans based on the scores we get every 10 seconds of the game.

What we're losing sight of is the best thing we can do right now is CHEER.