My Abortion, Ctd.

A reader writes:

Part of me understands why you linked to this website.  You bring things to our attention we might not otherwise see.  A bigger part of me though (albeit the hormonal side -  I’ll explain later) can not figure out for the life of me, with all that is going on in the world, why anyone would want to read such garbage.  I honestly can't imagine ever wanting to read the thoughts of a 24 year old on any subject, but to read them on her impending abortion certainly does the abortion movement no favors.  I’m 19 weeks pregnant.  I feel my baby move and have the occasional bout of hiccups.  At 6 weeks I saw my baby’s heart beating.  At 5 weeks she is discussing the pros and cons of a pharmaceutical procedure as opposed to “vacuuming the pregnancy” out.  She cant even allow herself to call it a fetus. 

Her disregard and disgust for pregnancy, as outlined in her entry about morning sickness is palpable.  If I weren’t so consumed with my desire to bitch slap her, I’d feel nothing but pity.  I’d like to fast forward 10 years from now to a point where she might be expecting a baby that she desperately wants and is in love with the moment she holds that pregnancy test in her hands.  Will she immediately be avoiding starbucks and suddenly be drawn to organic versions of her favorite foods like I am?  Will she be planning a nursery and counting the seconds until her next ultrasound just so she can see her baby again? Instead of anticipating blood as evidence that her ‘problem’ is thankfully over, will she instead be laying on her bed trying not to cry, waiting for the doctors office to call because she unexpectedly found some?  How sad for this unborn baby to only have come at an inconvenient time for its mother.  And to think she expresses surprise that there are no blogs ballyhooing the joys of abortion?  Really? This little girl is doing herself no favors in documenting her thoughts at this time in her life.  They will be there in all their shameful glory forever, and she will most certainly live to regret it.