I've had a few emails on these lines today:

No sooner did my best friend hear about the Sarah Palin pick than I received an e-mail from her. It said simply: "Sarah Palin is a Bad Mother!"

I was at work but could not resist giving her a call to follow up.  She told me that she was watching CNN and heard that Ms. Palin had 5 children and that one was only 4 months old and born with Down Syndrome.  "How in the name of GOD, can she even think about leaving her child or taking her child on the campaign trail for 70 days?"  She was indignant.

Let me tell you why My best friend Liz matters.  She is 37 years old and Catholic.

She has three children under the age of 9 years old. She lives in Reston, VA (the suburbs of D.C.).  She is a registered Independent and has voted both Democratic and Republican.  She is a stay at home mother and was a RABID Hillary Clinton supporter.  She was considering staying home instead of voting this November.  I had been trying to convince her of the FOLLY of this stance.  Anyway...

I guess that McCain feels that Liz is just the demographic that he could poach with the selection of Palin.  Instead, Liz tells me that there is "no way that those two people (McCain/Palin) should be in charge of her kids' future."  Today she decided to vote for Barack.