McCain's Veep Dilemma

Ross thinks Obama picking Biden has created an opportunity for McCain:

A surprising selection, whether of the Jindal-Palin sort, the Lieberman variety, or something more left-field still, would look even more striking in contrast with Obama's "generic Democrat" choice of a running mate. I don't expect the McCain camp to go this route: I think they're probably feeling pretty good about their position at the moment, and the same "first, do no harm" impulse that produced Obama-Biden will probably produce McCain-Pawlenty or McCain-Romney.

McCain-Romney = "do no harm"? Not in the part of the universe I'm aware of. The trouble with Palin or Jindal or even Pawlenty, moreover, is that they make an attack on Obama's inexperience more difficult.

McCain's veep choice must signify someone ready to be president - especially given McCain's advanced age and past health issues. Putting a neophyte religious fanatic like Jindal on the ticket doesn't look good, and if you're appealing to PUMA Clinton voters uneasy with the idea of a black man as president, why pick a person of color?

I think McCain has a very tough decision. And I think Bush's triumphant appearance next week in St Paul will be a bigger problem for McCain than Clinton has been for Obama. The impact of these conventions can only be judged a week or so after both have ended.