Marriage And Monogamy

A reader writes:

I came out 6 months ago at 22. Because of the explosion of gay exposure over the past few decades, my generation seems to operate under the understanding that gay marriage is an inevitability. I chose a good time to come out - within months of my announcement, I could legally marry in two states and have the marriage recognized at home in New York.
Amy Wax doesn't seem to notice the foolishness of her argument. She worries that gays will destroy marriage by bringing a lack of sexual monogamy to it. How can you accuse a group of not practicing monogamy while arguing against giving them the legal right to enter into life long, monogamous unions? Once marriage is on the table, monogamy becomes the goal.
Sure, we'll enjoy sleeping around just as much as any other male in their twenties, but every gay male I know of my generation seems to be in a constant search for someone he can move to the suburbs and raise a family with.
I'm sure not all gay marriages would turn out to be sexually monogamous, but I'm also sure Wax wouldn't want to hold straight marriages to that standard. She also might want to try imagining how monogamous straight people would be if marriage had always been banned for them as well.