Krauthammer On Palin Pick: "Near Suicidal"

I'd go a little further myself. It's the most irresponsible decision by any leading presidential candidate since Bush picked Quayle. For Charles, it must be a little insulting to have worked many years thinking about foreign policy in high office, and to be facing a potentially catastrophic period of war in the Middle East and find that a woman whose expertise is in fishing, snowboarding and oil-drilling has been deemed worthy of leading the free world at the drop of a hat. But that's how seriously McCain takes national security.

This was about marketing not governing; hiring for appearance not competence. And they did it - without apparent irony - on the anniversary of Katrina as another hurricane threatens. From from being a reversal of the Bush administration's worst instincts, McCain seems itent on recreating it - as farce. Heckuva Job, Sarah.