It's Munich!

Ah, yes, Kristol and Kagan just haul out ancient columns from the 1970s that merely need the actual names of actual countries plugged in. But what are we to do now that Russia has stomped on uppity Georgia? Hewitt threatens "blunt condemnation of the Russians". Washington Times: "maximum pressure." Bob Kagan: nada, so far as I can tell in his WaPo piece. Kristol:

Is it not true today, as it was in the 1920s and ’30s, that delay and irresolution on the part of the democracies simply invite future threats and graver dangers?

What are we delaying exactly? A war against Russia? An invasion of Georgia? Nah:

Shouldn’t we therefore now insist that normal relations with Russia are impossible as long as the aggression continues, strongly reiterate our commitment to the territorial integrity of Georgia and Ukraine, and offer emergency military aid to Georgia?

Emergency military aid to Georgia? You mean actually arming one side of another war? Then this:

The United States, of course, is not without resources and allies to deal with these problems and threats.

Still true, even after the wreckage of the last seven years. But not for much longer if we keep following the neocon advice.