Integrators, Traditionalists, Net-Newsers, And The Disengaged

From a new PEW study:

Since 2006, the proportion of Americans who say they get news online at least three days a week has increased from 31% to 37%. About as many people now say they go online for news regularly (at least three days a week) as say they regularly watch cable news (39%); substantially more people regularly get news online than regularly watch one of the nightly network news broadcasts (37% vs. 29%).

Since 2006, daily online news use has increased by about a third, from 18% to 25%. However, as the online news audience grows, the educational divide in online news use -- evident since the internet's early days in the mid-1990s -- also is increasing. Currently, 44% of college graduates say they get news online every day, compared with just 11% of those with a high school education or less.