If Kerry Was A "Gigolo", What's McCain?

Glenn Greenwald has a post about the impact of John McCain's living off the fabulous wealth of his heiress wife. When John Kerry's marriage to Teresa Heinz was part of the 2004 election cycle, the hard right didn't pull punches:

I mean, [Kerry]'s been there, but he's basically a skirt-chaser, folks. He's a gigolo. . . .Kerry is cheap. Most gigolos are. I mean -- I think it -- I think it goes with the, with the definition. . . I mean, he's a gigolo. Everybody knows this. There's nobody in our party really has much respect for this guy and you can see it last night, but I can't say that. I mean, you got sugar daddy wife back then. You got sugar daddy wife now. He worked his way up from a blue blood to a platinum American Express card, and it doesn't have his name on it.

Mickey Kaus's friend was also on the case:

[Kerry is] a kept man. He lives off the money made by other men and left to their daughters or wives.

And that would make McCain what exactly? Could it be that in this election cycle, the tactics of the far right are beginning to turn around and bite them?