How Marriage Changes You

A really moving first-person account from Bob Morris:

In a voice as clear and resonant as any wedding chime, she told us that marriage is a choice people make to love each other, even in difficult times when we don’t feel so loving. She told us that marriage isn’t only about love. It’s about a promise. And it’s also about a choice to keep coming back to reinvest in that promise, year after year.

I found my cynical self fighting tears as we exchanged rings and offered vows.

Then I sang “Till There Was You” while strumming my ukulele, just as I had very early on in our courtship.


We had been on a beach in Florida, during our first weekend away together. I wasn’t sure I could survive three days with him in a small hotel room. And I wasn’t sure as we walked along the beach one night that he wouldn’t laugh in my face if I got out my ukulele and sang a love song to him.


But when I finished, there were tears in his eyes. “I never expected that from you,” he said.


Neither had I. It surprises me every day, this thing called love.