Dissents Of The Night

A reader writes:

Listen. If the Dems gave Hillary the keynote, all the independents out there and all the Bush-McCain-skeptic Republicans (like everyone in my family) would have tuned out. I hate Hil as much as you. Nevertheless, she BROUGHT IT. Even I was impressed.

Given her mission to get her supporters to go over to Obama she hit every possible note. As a woman, I have to confess even I teared up (shocking) when she talked about her mom being born before having the right to vote and her daughter being able to vote for a woman for president in the primary.

It was enough. Trust me.


Christ, Andrew! What does it take to impress you? I am not a Hillary fan, but that was an excellent speech, especially in terms of bringing her die-hard supporters around. It was certainly the best I have ever heard from her.


The members of my household were in tears.

She was strong, exhuberant and forceful. I think is was a great speech and i think you just don't like Hillary Clinton no matter what she does.

I'm completely with you, Andrew, on Obama. I'm with you on the last eight years. But I think you're just a pissy pants on the Clintons.


When she gave us the stories like all candidates do, it was something I expected. But when she turned it around and asked her supporters if they were in it for her or for the people in those stories, that's what sold me, an Obama guy. My wife cried. I actually got goose bumps when she said that. And some may quibble over how much more she should have spoken about Obama, I think she did quite a good job. She put the onus on us, the voters. Trust Obama. She says she does. Now, it's our turn to answer the question.