Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Regrettably, you are not just biased, you have become Olbermann-esque. Which is of course your prerogative, but it is irrational. This was 40-year old Democratic boilerplate, and saying he owned the national security issue is as short-sighted as failing to acknowledge that the vaunted middle class tax cut was Bill Clinton's in 1992 (not done, of course, as this one will not be).

There is nothing new here except the man, and you should be immune by now to the allure of a lone man spouting what all those who came before him have spouted, with his achievement being his face. I could have voted for Obama; still may. But because I respect your intelligence, I regret that your arguments push me the other way, because they are now abysmally one-sided and anti-intellectual. And to those of your readers who think McCain is cooked, all I will say is be prepared for disappointment, and let them polish their accusations of subliminal racism.