Deconstructing Rove's Latest

A reader writes:

I see three layers:

1) Top layer: main thrust is spin to reinforce the ongoing Obama = celebrity talking point. Of this layer you asked "Is this pure spin from Karl Rove? I mean: could any sane observer see this as true:". Audience = general.   

2) Middle layer: Agree w/ your update, this is Rove's way of signaling to the Christianists that McCain is one of them. I was too pre-coffee to notice, although it did tug on the corner of my befogged mind. Nice catch. But how about this one: 

3) Bottom layer: It's also Rove's private pointed message to McCain (and the McCain camp) that he needs to "share (or allow others to share) more about him[self], especially his faith" - in other words, fake something heartfelt and solemn on that score, package it up and peddle it to the Christianist base.