Another Wedding, Another Family

Virginia Postrel tells the story of how she gained a sister-in-law. It doesn't sound like an attack on family values to me:

As of July 27, this happy woman went from my sister-not-exactly-in-law, her status for the past two decades, to my actual legal sister-in-law. And the woman she's hugging became her legal mother-in-law, instead of the unofficial relative who comes to visit for a month every year, whose medical care she frets over, and whose new living arrangements she researched. (Did I mention that Mindy, who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, is now a stay-at-home mom? How traditional can you get? Steve and I are the radical ones.)

But the Republican party now believes that this act of family bonding is such a threat to society that the Constitution must be amended to forbid it - and to force this married couple into de facto divorce.