All You Need Is Gut

"Critics are already trying to damn Sarah Palin for her perceived lack of foreign-policy experience, but what they are not allowing for is something more important -- that she has the right basic attitudes and sense of priorities. She understands that aggression has to be resisted and commitments have to be honored," Tom Gross, NRO.

My concern is not foreign policy experience so much. It's almost impossible to get experience for the job of president beforehand. My concern is total lack of even interest in foreign policy, and in so far as she has expressed a view, she heard of McCain's signature issue of the surge "on the news" and wanted it to have an "exit plan".

I mean Republicans can always say that national security doesn't matter in the war on terror, but they cannot say that national security is their over-arching cause and nominate Palin to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. They can either be the strong defense party, or they can nominate Palin. If they nominate someone this uninterested in foreign affairs after 9/11, they are throwing away their national security bona fides for a generation. It's really quite simple.

(Hat tip: TPM)