Yglesias Award Nominee

by Chris Bodenner
"[McCain's newest attack ad] is sequel of sorts to the "Pump" ad from a few days ago suggesting that Obama uniquely was somehow to blame for soaring gas prices; anyone who believes that will, I guess, also believe that he'd torpedo a visit to see wounded troops because there'd be no flashbulbs popping in his face. Not only does that not fit the facts he left his pool reporters outside when he visited Walter Reed a few weeks ago, and as I noted last night, his spokesman says the plan at Landstuhl was to keep the press on the plane but even under the worst assumptions, it makes no sense. If you think (and I do not) that Obama’s a sociopath who sees wounded soldiers as nothing but political chips to be played in an election card game, surely we can agree that he's nevertheless savvy enough to grasp how horribly bad it would look to have photographers with him on a hospital visit in the middle of a campaign. If there were pictures on the wires of him shaking hands with bedridden vets while media vultures crowded around for close-ups, conservatives would have ripped him for it properly and mercilessly and he knows it. Why not stick with the 'he went to the gym but not the hospital' point, which is at least factually correct? Why go here?," - Allahpundit.

I predict these nasty, petty, and desperate attacks will only grow as Obama soars into November.  What else does McCain have to run on?  It's the same approach Clinton took after Feb. 5: if I can't beat him, I'll drag him down to my level and hope he hits back, besmirching his image as a "new politician."  It wasn't exactly a winning strategy.