Ygelsias Award Nominee

"All kidding aside, I find my fellow gays' love for Hillary incredibly shallow. Identifying with her hopelessness has become a manifestation of self-pity. The diva worship that she commands amongst legions of gay men confirms every negative stereotype about us: that we're petty, superficial and worshippers of femininity.

Her status as a gay icon would trouble me less if she did anything to justify it, that is, if she actually went out of her way to stand up for gay causes (like Cyndi Lauper, who's actually deserving of the title).

But Clinton's record on gay issues is unremarkable and she was nowhere to be found while her husband was throwing us over the bridge. It¹s OK to worship Olivia Newton-John for her star turn in "Xanadu" or Jennifer Holliday for telling you she's not going (heaven knows I do).

But we're electing a president, not a diva-in-chief, which leads us to the question of whether Hillary Clinton should become Barack Obama's running mate. Do we really want to spend the next four years listening to a tired rendering of "I Will Survive" on repeat?," - Jamie Kirchick, Washington Blade. Yay!