by Chris Bodenner
Ex-Senator Rick Santorum writes to the Washington Times to quibble over funding inaccuracies within the anti-PEPFAR editorial it published last week.  But, apparently, he's fine with their support of the travel ban.  Shocking.

Speaking of santorum and HIV, the inimitable Dan Savage today links to the failure of the most recent vaccine, but finds hope in the virus's newly-discovered "Achilles Heel."  And he uses the occasion to dispense his always-sagacious advice:

We’ve been down this road beforeAchilles’ heels located, targeted, hopes raised, and then… back to the ol’ drawing boards. [But] remember: Even if we do one day have a vaccine or an effective treatment for HIV, recreating the gay communal-sewer sex culture of the ’70s is a Very Bad Idea. ... [And] remember: Straight people should have more sex (and more sex partners) than they do; gay people should have less sex (and fewer sex partners) than we can. Balance, balance, balance...

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