Those Obama Ads

A reader writes:

I don't know if you have any influence over the ads which appear on your web pages.  Or, at least, a way to pass messages on to those who design and place the ads.  But if you do, you might share this with them.

I have no problem with Obama ads, per se.  However the new ads, with their moving graphics, etc.  Are a major negative.  Like many people (but perhaps unlike a lot of the Obama staff) I do not have the absolute latest and fastest PC.  Which means that the new ads take forever to load and run on my desktop.  And while they do, I can do almost nothing else either -- the impact on my hard drive and my CPU is just to great.

The result for you and the Atlantic is that I visit your site much less often than I did a month ago. The result for the Obama Campaign is that I grow progressively more irritated. Building name recognition is one thing. But impacting your brand by irritating those who are otherwise well disposed towards you is quite another. Something a lot less fancy would be a really, really good idea.

I don't control the ads at all. But I've forwarded the email to the relevant parties.