The Sides Switch?

The Glittering Eye predicts a blogospheric shift:

From what I’ve been reading lately in a number of blogs I expect that we’re about to see a great pivot in the blogosphere on the subject of Afghanistan. The Bush Administration has recently provided a little wiggle room for redeploying troops from Iraq to Afghanistan and I’ve seen a number of posts viz. this one from Juan Cole and this one from Newshoggers that taken together suggest to me that people who opposed moving troops from Iraq to Afghanistan will begin to support the idea and people who’ve been complaining for six years that we should be sending more troops to Afghanistan will start supporting withdrawal from Afghanistan.

We'll see. I don't buy a zero sum argument that we cannot do both, but the drain in resources in Iraq cannot be sustained indefinitely, especially as the Taliban seems to be regrouping in parts of Afghanistan. You can withdraw from Iraq and surge in Afghanistan and still reduce the overall number of troops deployed. The force in Afghanistan is far smaller than in Iraq and the allies much more supportive.