The Other Wilsonianism

Peter Beinart proposes:

A renewed commitment to collective securityto solving common problems and abiding by common rulesalso offers the surest way to restore America’s legitimacy. A recent survey of 15 nations by revealed that only two countries (Argentina and the Palestinian Authority) wanted the U.S. to withdraw from world affairs. In fact, when asked who they expect to take the lead in countering global threats, non-Americans still point to the United States (along with the UN). As Steve Kull of the Program on International Policy Attitudes put it recently, “Despite the negative views of U.S. foreign policy, publics around the world do not want the U.S. to disengage from international affairs but rather to participate in a more cooperative and multilateral fashion.” Even commentators such as The New America Foundation’s Parag Khanna, who predict intensifying competition between the United States, Europe, and China, argue that for the U.S. to sustain its power it must revive efforts to solve common problems, which, in turn, can help restore America’s good name.